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For now, so I can let you know when I’ve written something (or, stay tuned, podcasted something!) about food and climate change. Eventually, though, I’ll start emitting regularly, and I’m hoping to create a community of nerds who will emit with me.

Who am I? What am I doing here?

I’m a Miami-based journalist who fled the mainstream media after three decades with the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, Time Magazine & Politico Magazine. I wrote books for Simon & Schuster called The Swamp (about the Everglades and Florida) and The New New Deal (about the Obama administration), and now I’m working on another one about how to feed the world without frying the world

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Dork journalist living in Miami. Author of The Swamp & The New New Deal. Formerly at Washington Post, Time, Politico Magazine. Now writing column on food & climate for Canary Media & book about feeding the world without frying the world.